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Jan 12
Because most of us are poor,
we prop up textbooks and take classes;
trying to learn the basic steps
to better our situation.  
After we pass all the tests
we think it will be a breeze,
but think again
when you're on you're knees
trying to sell it to a client.

Forget lunch, just grab coffee in stores with wireless connections.
To be in contact is a must in this mainstream ****.
Hustling to and from yet another appointment
emails scramble.  Clients commit, opt out, reschedule, come late
and then there's the no-shows.

But your life is not your own,
so what if you have to go the ladies room,
your client has a thousand questions and objectives
and more qualms than Einstein could devise.

Future failures form
resisting even the best sales pitch.
Are today's highs the norm or possibly a bubble?
A many headed monster eats away at the lattice work
of the honeycomb,
the buzz about that predicts a ten year line
not current risk, but the chance of historical gain.  

When sales don't go through
and bring on upset stomach and diarrhea
that won't Pepto-Bismol away,
Take a new look, and consider Your options,
         . . .and Sell Yourself A New Day.
patty m
Written by
patty m  ether
         Born, Cné, Weeping willow, Woody, Sarita Aditya Verma and 58 others
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