Jan 12

I maybe smiling widely;
But didn’t you know I was breaking inside?
I maybe laugh all the time;
But didn’t you know that I always cry alone at night?

I must have the one of the hardest life a man can have.
I have a complete family, but feels like none.
I have too many friends, but it feels like I had no one.
Is this what they called depression?

I just want someone who’s willing to stay with me;
Listens to my story;
Listens to my words;
Listens to my sobbing every night.

Its like I felt the whole world on my shoulder,
Im too young to handle this one.
Can I take my own life?
Just to stop this miserable life of mine?

I just wanted to have a happy life.
But why does every step I take;
I still get this miserable life.
Am I being cursed?

If I’ll end up my life;
Would this curse will also gonna end?
Shall I give it a try?
I want to escape.

Escape this cruel world we have.
People are already killing each other.
People are already taking their own lives.
Many are now dead by this thing called depression.

Written by
Mic Arbilon
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