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Jan 2018
A crystal ball, with only one goal that it set for itself.
A crystal ball, with the power to change shape and color at will, whose only purpose was to satisfy.
It went around, looking for who it would be a victim of.
It finally finds a lonely soul, and with the goal to satisfy, it changes to the soul’s favorite color: blue.
Once it had finally pleased the lonely soul, the crystal ball went away, proud for what it had achieved.
However, the crystal later on stumbled into another soul who detested the color blue, so the crystal changed its color to yellow in order to satisfy it.
After that, it met another individual who looked down upon spheres, so it changed shape in order to please the individual.
As it met more and more people, it changed even more, up to the point where it had no comparison to its original look, all just in order to please whoever it met.
But no matter what color or shape it changes into, it will never be able to gain everyone’s satisfaction.
Marco Benitez
Written by
Marco Benitez
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