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Jan 2018
Most times I find myself thinking,  
About you, about me
About you, about us
I find myself thinking about whether
You ever think of me
I can't help but wonder sometimes
If you'd spend a moment
  For that slight second,
Whether I ever think you, thinking of me, just like I've spent days and nights wondering.
I can blame it on the distance
Or your closeness to someone else, someone who's not me
I can blame it on the cold nights of winter
Or the warm embrace of the guy
who read your insecurities, through the palms of your hands
On your first handshake

I can blame it on your thoughts,
For you to ever think, that I'd think of you the same way you thought of me.
  I think you are the most beautiful woman...
   I think I hate the woman I love..
I think given another chance things would have been...
I think...
  I think...

Why can't I get you out of my head, out of my heart, for I think only then can my soul find peace.

   I think, as I fall asleep tonight,  
I'll think of you.
Written by
Eric Angels  M/Kenya
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