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Jan 11
It’s clawing—
I can’t breathe—
I have to move—
I can’t breathe!
I have to go—
I can’t breathe—!
I have to work—
I can’t b r e a t h e — !


The music has to be louder
I can’t hear
I can’t breathe
Louder louder LOUDER!
Just drown the anxiety out—

Clean—you have to clean!
I can’t think
I can’t think!
It’s too messy
You have too much stuff
Go through go through it!
If you get rid of it it’ll be better
I can’t breathe

Wash the sheets
Dust the shelves
Line up line up
Straighten this
Straighten that
Not straight enough
Clean more—
It’s not working
I can’t breathe
Oh ***
Faster faster
More more

There’s nothing left
I did it all
It’s not enough
L o u d e r
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe!
It’s clawing—
It’s bursting!

Shut up
Shut up—
Shut up!
S H U T  U P

I can’t breathe.
I love panic attacks at 2am that make me clean obsessively
Written by
Lightheart  19/F/한
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