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Jan 2018
I see the difference...
And so, I just don't know how to respond.
Or what to invite, what thoughts to excite.

I'm confused.
You talk so highly of him.
And I can't believe you ever talked so highly of me...
I feel like trash, ******* third choice.
Not sure why I expected an apology.

But I'm just a child..
Maybe I acted like one when I lost you.
I know I did..
But have you ever come close to the ******* love I had for you..
I know you have...
I've felt it, where is it?
Investing my entire mind
Love is ******* crazy.
It's so simple and complex
You can't force it, and you can't break away from it.
It can tear you apart,
It can strip you down,
but she's the best thing I have found

Either you see what you can take from them.
Or what you can give them.

I just want a taste of something real.
Is it in what you say, or what you don't...
I miss you, the fire...
And I just want to stay up to 4am talking with you.
Listening to music with you.
Like... I could literally do that all night with you.
I don't get it. I really don't.
Where is that.
Where's loving the essence of who someone really is. Loving their gifts, their perspective, and hating to see it go to waste.
I miss those eyes,
Those words,
Her heart.
I hadn't shed tears in awhile, but something about that night broke me.
Nostalgia and truth. Made me deny what was so blatant.
You're not sorry...
And I gave myself to you, which is ******* scary.
But you've always had me…
Josh Overson
Written by
Josh Overson  22/M/Corpus Christi TX
(22/M/Corpus Christi TX)   
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