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Jan 2018
The Lone Wolf©

Exiting the cabin I instinctively look up
Maybe it is out of habit now
I spy you perched atop the distant ridge
How different are you and I

What do you see when you look down at my humble abode
Nestled amongst the trees the smoke wafting from the chimney
My home in the wilds of the woods; alone
How different are you and I

When you are not there I wonder where you are
Foraging for food, a drink by the fast flowing river,
Seeking solitude
How different are you and I

Do you see a man with a broken heart
One that has been cut so deeply it will never mend
Relegated to healing the wounds through nature
How different are you and I

Each day is a new day
One filled with wonderment
Of opportunity found or lost
How different are you and I

Time has inevitability
Someday one of us will not be there and I wonder
Will this be the last time I see your grace
How different are you and I

Andreas Simic©
I love being in nature and often think of what it would be like to live in a remote faraway cabin.
Andreas Simic
Written by
Andreas Simic  M
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