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Jan 2018
I don't fear your darkness
surreptitiously speaking
With a condescending voice
you think you're keeping
My eyes gaze is never far away
and the glint in your eyes
tells me more than it has to say

The fact that some would run reeling
At the side of yourself shown
you find less appealing
Is a cynical fiber
which you've taken to reeling
While weeping and reaching
for understanding and feeling
I can only display what escapes
from concealing

Revealing to you
my own demon's caress
And how it yearns for intervention
and feigns duress
Until you show up with your mess
In its subtlety
And it admires your candor
Right there where you lay
How you live with fear
Yet still show up on display

And not for a moment
Do you hide from the past
With a heart stitched on your sleeve
It remains steadfast
So I'll reach for you
Here and now at last
Before the intoxication fades
and we think too fast
Will you come play with me?
This was written a few weeks ago but still holds true. I haven't stopped loving you. Even if it feels like you don't want me around, that may just be in my head.
THE Apache Tomcat
Written by
THE Apache Tomcat  A clothing store
(A clothing store)   
     Carina, ---, Court, acacia and Eefs Jungmann
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