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Jan 2018
Jhynda you gotta to be kidding me!
How dare you! become silent just suddenly.
We were chatting 2 fast 2 furious.
Now I’m idling at a red traffic light just furious.
Sitting in this car waiting for that green light to Go!
I’m not sitting in a car but I’m letting you metaphorically know.
As you sleep we stopped our speech.
Oddly you asked me “Wyd?” And we just started to speak.
Time is still moving and I’m still up.
The wind outside is blowing strong and I’m thinking “What the F*!”.
Listening to music now as I text you this message.
Expressing myself it’s about to get interesting.
Maybe I should stop this poem note.
I don’t want to go no further my friend.
Since your sleeping maybe this could be the end...
Although as I’m awake this new day of mines just began.
I have a long way before my day ends.
You have a short time as you sleep before your day begins.
Laying in your bed cuddle up with your bear.
And Brownie on the floor or on your bed laying near.
I shouldn’t be thinking this thoughts as I text you this.
As if I’m standing right there at the end of your bed just looking.
Waiting for you to wake so we can continue the topic we left off.
Before you became silent at 8:26pm as I viewed.
For you it’s 8:16pm your last text to me.
I understand I guess...continue to get your beauty rest.

From: Aaron L. Osgood
To: You b.k.a. Jhynda Perpignan
Aaron L Osgood
Written by
Aaron L Osgood  33/M/NJ
   Lior Gavra
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