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Jan 2018
The voices come alive and loud when I take a trip into my mind alone
Reminding me to not let our secret out
I'm back at it again, came back to you
Something I swore I'd never do
But we share a love, that only we know
You bring me up when I'm down,
But I cant keep you around!
I was only going to try it one time,
Than became twice, been a year and now I'm beginning to believe my own lies
This life is no longer mine, where the **** have I went?
Who the **** am I ?
Head spinning, cant stop thinking when I'll get another line
Our love is deadly, its killing me
Each day I wake up starving for that quick release
They say get on my knees, pray, ask god to free me
But I'm held hostage to this disease because at one point it was my saving grace
But I look in the mirror and I'm a ******* disgrace
How can something that makes you so high, end up making you want die
****! I'm done with this ****, God I surrender, take this from me
Thought I had control over this situation,
But nobody has control over this deadly addiction
My mind racing and spinning over this obsession
So God PLEASE forgive me, show me some direction
Cant do it myself, like I thought that I could
Going to do it right this time, fearlessly put my all in
Because by myself this isnt a battle I can win
This disease is cunning baffling and powerful
Gonna pick up the book and pray for a ******* miracle
Megan Van Zetten
Written by
Megan Van Zetten  22/F/Canada
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