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Jan 2018
Drowning from inside out, choking up blood
Suffucating from these thoughts
I am about to succumb from this flood
You turned my beating heart into this knot
That i wish i was able to wrap around my neck
You made me believe in love when you seen I was a wreck
But you had no intentions of reciporcating
You sit there and watch me fading
It was all a lie, illusions that i cant make real
Doesnt change the fact there was truth in how you made feel
Now im the laughing joke, another game won
You get to walk away instead of dealing with the damage you have done.
So when i down this bottle to numb this pain
When i swallow these pills in hopes it takes me away
Will you remember my name?
Will you know that regardless of the heart wrenching throb inside
Regardless of the fact every one of your "i love yous" were a lie
That you were the name forever engraved on my heart
And i have meant everything since the start
That the loss of your love, your beauty
Was enough to trigger my insanity
So i hope you know even when im gone,
When laying in the grave this heartbreak dug for me
I loved you all along,
I just chose to be set free
Megan Van Zetten
Written by
Megan Van Zetten  22/F/Canada
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