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Jan 2018
Help me out, im suffocating in this dry drought
What is this emotion taking over me?
Im a ******* pyscho my head is spinning like a cyclone
So consuming, breath taking, im hyperventilating.
Nobody realizes this chaos happening inside of me
I feel like i am raging, contemplating these pills hid away
Sitting here, bags under my eyes
Ive become someone I dispise, again
How did this happen?
Im scared to ******* death, not of dying but the next breath
I dont have much left to give,
And not much will left to live.
Havent numbed out in so long, caude im terrified of failuare
Embarassed of needing to start over,
And i stay quiet because mental relaspe is just another thing in my own brain,
Its not real, its just part of being insane
But im right back to square one even if a bottle hasnt touched my lips
Im one this steep ***** and im about to ******* slip
How did this become something I missed ?
Thoughts about escaping, im going crazy
Dont know when this story is ending
My demons have their hands aroind my neck, suffocating
Turning blue its ******* sick im finding enjoyment
In my blood vessles bursting, waiting for the end
As the voices are slowly fading in the background
They are no longer so loud,
Dont wanna feel my heart pound
Jumping seems like the only way out of my clouded mind
Been searching for a sense of peace, maybe its not mine to find
Maybe it'll be waiting for me on the other side
Megan Van Zetten
Written by
Megan Van Zetten  22/F/Canada
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