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Jan 2
Near sandy beach and waters warm
Before they took the world by storm
ThreeΒ Β young boys were standing here
And threw three pen knives from the pier

A journey so far not begun
So many songs as yet unsung
Their minds now set on what they'd be
They cast their pen knives to the sea

And legend says they'd made their choice
Renouncing theft to find their voice
To seal this pact, t'was told to me
They cast three pen knives to the sea

And destiny was now in reach
From childhood days upon the beach
And one becomes what one believes
Three young boys as thick as thieves

Then decades filled with highs and lows
And many hits as history shows
Through unique voice and through the pen
They were the phoenix born again

New heights then scaled in latter years
'gainst broken bonds and grieving tears
When happiness was not as near
As once it was upon the pier

Now one remains alone and sage
Recounting troubled times off stage
But if time renewed he knows all three
Would still cast pen knives to the sea

An alleyway now bears their name
a testament from whence they came
Although they’re gone they once were here
Three urchin boys upon the pier
Patrick Long
Written by
Patrick Long  Australia
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