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Dec 2017
Life is nothing but chains and shackles
Our wings clipped
Unable to fly high in the sky
Unable to have our pride
Unable to have our determination
Unable to live proud of yourself
Forever shackled down
Forever caged
Forever forgotten about
Your image is never seen
Your name unknown to many
Your life story forgotten by many
Your family no longer remembers.

Shackled down until the day you die
A slave to the shackles
The writings on the wall are your only companion
The devils wicked laugh
Trying to live
Trying to breathe
It's just a must
To spread your wings with pride.

Cut the shackles that hold you down
Burn the cage that traps your free spirit
Leave a heritage for people to remember you by
Leave the writings on the wall to guide the next generation
For one day
They might also be able to
Spread their wings with pride
Something that i could not do
They will achieve for me
You may die
But people will learn
The foolish ones were them
For they locked away brilliance
That could have shined bright.

Spread your wings with pride
Soar to the sky
Achieve what you can
Be proud of what you made for yourself
The body is the sword
The wind is the sheath
Spread your wings
Like a solitary sword
Cutting through mountains
Cleaving the sky in half
Will you then be able to
Spread your wings with pride.
Martial Teacher
Written by
Martial Teacher  19/M
   --- and Alaina
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