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Dec 2017
And, what the **** did you expect of me?
I'm sorry.
Pardon my french...
I can't help but cuss, when these mother ******* got me pressed
Ill be fine after this commerical break,
But until then,
Let me lay your facts straight.

Need I not remind you,
It was our first date
the moment I said I was obsessed with love
I heard your chest scream
Your eyes spoke of forever
Your sternoclaydo mastodon pulsated
Like orange juice after a blood drive...

***** I revitalized you.
I think you got theΒ Β script wrong
Wipe ur frames down,
I'll put this very slowly, now
Your love for me burned so hot, it was no longer a fire, but wild.
You smothered me.
You wanted to watch my flames dance,
But only under your command

My love is rotten?
When out of the two of us, you just wanted me to yourself?
Your own insecurities is what made your inferiority become true,
maybe that's why your eyes burn,

You never accepted who I was.
My spirit knows no bounds.
Your spirit, wasn't fast enough.

you bowed out.

You ignorant *******, you did not know a **** thing of me
I guess I'm mad, I thought you did

Pure love is not of possession,
Instead, to be greatful for every cent spent
My presence is a luxury,
Did I make you feel inferior?
To feel as though you almost could afford it?

****! Right! One last thought, before I go.

Women are mother Earth incarnate
Chaotic creatures,
Who never seem to lose.

Do you think you're upset,
because deep down,
you knew, you bite off more than you could chew?
Lana Eve
Written by
Lana Eve  20/Agender/Newark, NJ
(20/Agender/Newark, NJ)   
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