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Apr 2018
Happy Birthday to you Toni, may you be supping many cold pina colladas in old Mehico with my boy Gumtree Gebbie.
Only know it’s your birthday because it also happens to be our 33rd wedding anniversary. 33 years with the old Sheila….Gawd!
She phoned me a few minutes ago to remind me…I’m sitting at my early morning desk writing out purchase orders, she is sitting up in bed at Taranaki, with a hot cup of tea issuing orders.
Something about the order of things there??

Off home this afternoon with a car full of ***** washing, fresh strawberrys and bunches of asparagus picked this morning. I’ve got instructions to mow the ****** lawns, **** eat the verges and trim the ****** hedges, pick up her DVD and newest novel from the New Plymouth library as I pass through…and get here by 6pm or you’ll be late for tea….again!!!
Paradise this marriage business, ******* paradise!

On Sunday we plan to celebrate the New Year by having dinner at the Sugar Plum café in Opunake…which will be an event!....then we are off to the “Peoples Cinema” in Opunake which is run by a farmers wife who, incidentally, wears loud print, tent like dresses, is about 4 axe handles wide and speaks with a distinctly unpleasant nasal twang. The “Peoples Cinema” is famous for its seating arrangement…. 120 ancient couches spread before the silver screen from which patrons are encouraged to drink their own ***** and crunch away on packets of noisy potato chips….Should be fun…”no bookings necessary” she nasally informed. ….Movie on offer “****** on the Orient Express”
Mum and I should be home, tucked up in bed and snoring… well before midnite!
Luv Dad

PS: HAPPY NEW YEAR to both you fellas and your lovely ladies, may your festivities match ours and may good things happen to us all in the new year ahead…..We deserve it !
Cheers dears  Dad
Marshal Gebbie
Written by
Marshal Gebbie  76/M/"Foxglove",Taranaki, NZ
(76/M/"Foxglove",Taranaki, NZ)   
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