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Dec 2017
Red flags.
My mind flashes another warning,
not the first of its kind and hopefully the last,
it's a little push, I scream, he loves me,
but it's in bright red, warning.

Funny how the past haunts you,
how your so dependent,
you know it, a story told more than once,
everyone has their limit, you've hit his.

You don't want to say anything,
your mind is working to rationalise it,
he see's the look on your face,
insists on knowing every thought that crosses.

Pain laces your voice but cloak it with a smile,
the past is meant to stay buried but the pain is fresh,
open wounds and salt thrown in,
Seeking reassurance but meeting anger.

Resolution is far, you see it as clear as sky,
avoid conflicts, leave before more than a fight occurs,
you love him, but he takes the first step to go,
you can't move but the call is urgent to go away.

Conflict rages in your heart,
you remember red flags and you see them,
he shifts in mood, constant fights,
but love is still present in yours.
Written by
Love  Somewhere In Neverland
(Somewhere In Neverland)   
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