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Dec 2017
All my life it's been up and down
Jane is my name and what I've found
Is I have every right to be mad
Caught in the crossfire of good vs. bad

Good like a flower floating in the breeze
A pious man praying on his knees
A businesses man's charity donation
Love, trust, and empathy sensations

Bad like hail crashing down on earth
A stockbroker losing all your net worth
A family man killed in a car crash
Holding your father in a jar of ash

Back to the point at hand
I'll point out the man
Daniel is a horrible person
In all my life, he is the worst one

Yet he is the first one
I ever felt love towards
I loved him more than life itself
Form a family will need no one else

They say play the hand you're dealt
And I pulled a royal flush
Took a toilet flush ran out of luck
As he ran out of the home we built

A child was born and today she lives
A fatherless life, a life with less love to give
Because it is less that she has received
Her pain and my pain these people can't conceive

A man providing no child support
Not giving his child the support
That she needs to develop properly
If I could 17 years ago I'd say get off of me

All this pain and poverty is the fault of one
There's more bad in him than in an aggregate sum
Of all the bad things I have ever done
This is good vs. bad 101

Daniel's my name but friends call me Dan
A long time ago I was a family man
But left it all because of the bad of one
I hate her more than a terrorist's gun

A terrorist was what that women was
I loved her but she hated just cause
She hated my happiness and dragged me down
To her level of misery, thought I'd drown

A child was born, pure and perfect
Thought she might make all the pain worth it
As it kept getting worse and worse
To live I needed a way to break the curse

I didn't choose the hearse I chose the door
Didn't realize I couldn't see her any more
I was alienated from the daughter I adore
Life now a series of endless chores

From starting a family I have no marketable skills
Making it quite difficult to cover child support bills
I just want to buy her dolls and ice cream
Sometimes at night I wake up mid scream

All this pain and poverty is the fault of one
There's more bad in her than in an aggregate sum
Of all the bad things I have ever done
This is good vs. bad 101

Sarah's my name and love is my game
Love is an emotion I try to containΒ Β 
It is the only thing
That quells conflict and pain

16 years old in 11th grade now
In school trying to figure how
To find my way in the world today
How to do college and financial aid

Pains from the past resurface in a blast
Memories surface and then fade to black
Men and mom screaming and destruction
Realize while scheming I'm out of luck then

Love is what I give and what they take
Since 14 it's felt like fate
Beginning to feel like this love is fake
I just want to love for love's sake

Grade A grades will save the day
At least thats what mom always would say
From picking weeds to reading ivey
Precalculus and civics come try me

Future looking brighter than the past
A mothers support brought me up from last
A fathers support I wish I had
I can't see him as all that bad

I read the letter that wished my life better
Understood his story a little better
Situations aren't black and white
What's black to some to others is light

No drive to put up a fight
Accept this as a reality of life
No hate, just love for everyone
This is good and bad 101
Matthew Curry
Written by
Matthew Curry  20/M/York, PA
(20/M/York, PA)   
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