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Dec 2017
Thoughts of you perch on the branches of my mind,

Like a humming bird that’s found the perfect tree to build its nest.

Harmless in its quest,

Until more branches sprout in wake of you.

More branches for you to perch,

To sing your beautiful songs without a care.

Until the weight of these endless thoughts,

Is too much burden to bear.

My nights are riddled with dreams,

Recurring every night that they have  become nightmares.

My mind is like a prisoner,

In chains of memories of your face.

My heart trembles at the mention of your name.

Your touch is like a tranquilizer for my soul,

And like a clueless lamb,

I trust the ***** of your kiss to lead me home.

Thoughts of you are like acid baths.

They burn.

But for that fleeting second when it excites,

The skin of my thoughts,

My heart forever yearns.

Pain is an addiction this heart has chosen to bear.

Through and through, when this dubious business is done,

This heart would’ve seen it all.

Alas, I have the foreboding my countenance,

Is too fragile to see the end.

I should know better,

But it’s as though my mind has wandered,

Too far from the shores of reason.

You’re bad for me,

But there’s nothing I won’t give up,

Just for fleeting moments in your arms.
Written by
Kume  M
   C P X
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