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Dec 2017
You make me happy
When life seems sad
You make me happy
When everything feels so bad
You make me happy
You make the world seem new
You make me happy
And that’s why I wanna be with you

You light up the dark in my heart
Your smile makes it all restart
That look in your eyes
Sweetheart, you are the day in my night

A casual love
Formalities and manners are quickly disposed of
Free to simply be
And free to openly see

I’d give you the key
But with you, a lock has no purpose no need
I can just grab your hand
Not nervous of reprimand.

Watching you get excited
A fire in me is ignited
To see what makes you happy
Puts my heart at ease

I love learning all your little quirks and habits
Adoring how you’re so pragmatic
You’re my little brat
And I’m a doting sap.

I want to be there as you grow
I want to learn the things you know
I want to take your heart in my hand
And protect it while you reach out and stand

I want to shield you from the world
But I know that there’s so much you have yet to learn
So instead of protect and defend
I’ll be there for you when you need a friend.

Lean on me
When there’s anything you need.
I’ll gladly supply and provide
In return? Just stay near my side.

Travel and roam freely
Just know I’m here when you need me.
For a hand a hug or a shoulder to lean on
Whenever you need me I’ll come running along.
Written by
Alec  16/Trans Male/Who knows
(16/Trans Male/Who knows)   
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