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Dec 2017
To love as you do,
it makes me feel weak.
I who was born with everything
and you with nothing at all.

To not know where you’d be now
or if you’d even be here.
I can’t imagine.
If you’d be loved like you have been
or lose it all like has happened.
It pains me to think.

To smile it off
and love us regardless.
I don’t know how you do it.
And I’ll love you forever.

Your tears fall flat on those
who don’t know you.
But they cry on me.
And I pray for the day I can
tell you how much it hurts.
But I can’t now.

One day I’ll buy you the world
so it’s all been worth it.
But you don’t want that.

If you could hear my thoughts
you’d know how much I care,
and you could share your pain with me.
But still I can’t speak.
I’m not man enough yet.
And I feel terrible.

One day I’ll open my heart
so you can see we’re both the same.
You can see those you loved,
who loved you, who are now gone,
as I see them in you.

You'll know their love is not lost,
that it lives in me, thanks to you.
Though I can’t express it.

When I can,
I’ll share it with everyone,
and with you.
And then you’ll feel better.

I’m sorry.
Written by
Scott  22/M
   Lior Gavra and DivineDao
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