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Dec 2017
Upon the edge of tomorrow I sit, stars nestled beyond in the black,
illuminating the landscape to which I am bound,
And If I were to touch them I'd never come back;
for in the ***** of my yearning I'd surely be found
Foolish beast am I to languish in that which I lack
A curs-ed dreamer's quarrel between the soul and the mind
Whose venom makes sickly my flesh and my bone
A sin for which no man could ever atone:
To yearn for tomorrow putting present behind
Yet, just as white linens dance in a warm summer's breeze,
the temptress beyond puts my members at ease
And as she whispers of purpose; endeavors my core
I can feel a deep burning break forth from my skin
Reminding my body and soul that there's more,
a banished young exile screams out from within
Begging that only I lend him an ear
And his keen wisdom buckles the bend of my kneesΒ Β 
As he speaks of the future he hopes will draw near
Yes the edge of tomorrow, the temptress beyond
I crawl towards to your calling, the desire you've spawned
That flows like a fountain, cool waters so pure
A lust for this newness, your seductive allure
And the pain that it causes, i chalk up to fear
As I open my heart to your promise of
For dreams never spoke to a heartache so clear
Now I've broke from my shackles and torn off the ropes
For tomorrow my temptress and I shall abscond
A toast to new horizons
J Klein and Sons Pen Parish
Written by
J Klein and Sons Pen Parish  38/M/Currently in bed
(38/M/Currently in bed)   
     CnΓ©, Krista DelleFemine and Bow
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