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Jan 2018
I’m stuck in this loop
Of relentless
Memories of you
And I could sleep for six weeks
And still be drowsy when I speak.

I can’t seem to snap out of this groundhog dream,
It’s wearing me down,
Tied to the ground.
I swear I never used to have these bags under my eyes,
It’s just they darken with each one of your lies.

I don’t mean to be rude when I
say you were an *******,
But you have to understand that you left me so alone

My mind is racing constantly
Trying to figure reasons that you might’ve left me
But it’s so tiring and I just can’t sleep
I wish I’d killed myself last week
I think of that now too,
By the way,
Again since you left,
It’s been on my chest,
I just can’t keep up with my ***** mind
Because In everything it’s you I try to find.

My irises have lightened since you left,
And my once emerald gems are now stolen and theft.

Sleep well tonight,
My honey and child,
I’ll be awake,
Thinking of you,
Dreaming of you,
Missing you

So let me alone now to lay and think,
In this dark room,
On this cold night,
With another alcoholic drink.
Written by
Eloi  20/F/London
         ---, Lora Lee, sm schaefer, Grace, Deep Ponderer and 5 others
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