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Dec 2017
Have you ever thought,
At least even once,
During the time spent with you
What is happening to me?
Have you ever just tried to
pierce into my spirit,
Into my inner chaos
Regulated by your harmony?
It is a time travel
In the first seat of a train
Taking me - to you only
- Last destination for all worries,
gladly to leave them behind...
It takes me to vivid days -
my Mondays and my Thursdays
Which keep me hanging on
In the embraces of solaces
The solaces of next Monday,
And afterward next Thursday.
Sometimes life is bounteous -
There are special holidays
feasted maybe only by me -
My spectacular Saturdays...

And now time is hastily
approaching the end,
I live last dear Mondays
and happy Thursdays of mine
More deeply,
More tormented.
You leave me with paradoxes,
I learn a new hard lesson -  
That happiness also tortures...
Day by day you are getting brighter
and heavenly sparkling
dazzling my eyes till to blindness
To turn my world into darkness
Into the world lacking days with you
The world where time will mean nothing,
Except half-blessed existence...
Shortly after,
No more new Mondays and no more new Thursdays,
No more genial weeks or months
Also all of my ups and downs
Will turn into deeps and tops...
I develop a newer faith
- my routine indifference
I can see the future,
Which was despised by the past
I enshrine Saturdays,
To live their next ones,
To make future sacred
by keeping my prayers
Which mean deeply craving you,
Which lead me to be purified
Willow shade
Written by
Willow shade  M
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