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Feb 2018
That mouth
Those lips shape words that can cause a shift in you
Capable of manipulating the language into something hideous and throat splitting
Agonizing torture
Taking your secrets and fears and turning them into a monster instead of just thoughts

Her mouth
Could cause you pain in  areas left untouched prior to coming in contact with her
Her tounge is liquid hot fire and your feelings are the tinder she uses to grow stronger
Feeding off your insecurities she barrels into you
Her tongue goes from licking gently over your lips a light caress to being a sword dismantling your courage
Cutting away Layers of your skin toughened over the years
Mom warned you against girls who boast about their flaws
Be weary of those who lay their shortcomings in fluorescent lit boxes for everyone to see she said.
They are the ones who found contentment amount the chaos
They are the ones who fought to love themselves despite being told their blemishes were too big for anyone to hold
They are the ones who hold nothing back
Fierce love on one page and emotional turmoil on the next.

Her lips
Tell you exactly what she is capable of
A warning can be found within her laugh if you listen instead of just hear what she isnt saying
Her mouth says
don’t hurt me, I find joy in taking revenge for my heart”
They laugh thinking that it’s just something she says
She uses it like mortar for the bricks she adds to the walls she’s built around the things she holds sacred

Her mouth
Cuts deeper than canyons etched over millions of years
They reach the deepest parts of you because they echo off the walls with so much truth
Her mouth
Is the yin and the yang but still not enoughsar
My tongue is my greatest weapon.
Written by
Brokewench  26/F
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