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Dec 2017
Last night I had a dream
In my arms was my beautiful newborn
but it kept throwing up
It couldn't stop.
I turned around for one moment
frantically looking for something, anything
to help my dying child
and just like that
it choked
and was gone.

The night before that
I was ***** by an acquaintance
No matter how hard I fought
He overpowered me
I begged him
pleaded with him
to at least use protection
He disregarded and continued.
All I wanted to do after
was warn the other woman who was there
But he wouldn't grant us any privacy.
Finally, a chance arose
and I told her:
"If you ever have a dream about someone you know,
if you have a dream they **** you,
heed your intuition.
Do not question.
Better safe than destroyed."
I woke up with a slight start
but blanketed in a strange sense of peace
bleeding, as only a woman can
grounded with Gaia.
Brenna Gracely
Written by
Brenna Gracely  23/F
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