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Mar 2010
Like the thinnest sand on the most beautiful beach,
You're slipping away.

I guess I never really had you,
the way you had me,
Your love was never born as my love grew.

I've heard that to love someone is nothing,
so I guess what I had for you wasn't something.

Yet I know that to be loved is something,
So i gave what you couldn't keep, so much more than nothing.

I don't want to be cute,
that's what you called me,
I guess to you my beauty was mute.

These fingers are too gentle for you,
Causing you to slip through them so easily,
You and your words so untrue.

I can feel you falling away,
This heart of mine drops,
I have lost once again, to my dismay.

I gave you all of me,
none of which you deserved,
You taught me to keep myself reserved.

You're gone now,
I can feel you slipping through my fingers.

You're gone now,
I know we're both alone somehow.
This poem was written by NONE OTHER than SarahLydia Kiehlmeier on Tuesday, 16th of February 2010. All Rights Reserved.
Sarah Valentina
Written by
Sarah Valentina  26/Haddonfield NJ
(26/Haddonfield NJ)   
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