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Mar 2010
Singing a song with no words,
Something like the chirping of birds.

An Ocean more than just the color blue,
The most beautiful, heavenly view.

Candles burning in a room surrounded by darkness,
So calming, the flame seems harmless.

Soothe me,
The gentle touch of a hand.

Soothe me,
The softest kiss on my lips.

A stranger's truthful smile,
As if they've just finished the longest mile.

A smooth and held out beat,
The sound as delicious as a midnight treat.

Two lovers entangled in each others arms,
A feeling of trust, that they are away from all that harms.
This poem was written by NONE OTHER than SarahLydia Kiehlmeier on  Tuesday, 26 January 2010. All Rights Reserved.
Sarah Valentina
Written by
Sarah Valentina  26/Haddonfield NJ
(26/Haddonfield NJ)   
     ---, WS Warner, mvbm, Lotus, Mukul and 22 others
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