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Dec 2017
It’s eerie in the forest,
It calls me,
it always has,

Birds can be heard far off,
they know me,
I come whenever I can,

I think i’m going crazy,
it’s not like a forest can call someone,
can it?

Maybe it’s not the forest,
that calls me, it’s more of a pull,
guiding me to where I’m happy.

I speak for the trees,
I will defend the trees,
that make up the forest I call home,

I’m unwanted in my life,
the forest needs me,
and I need the forest.

The forest is my home,
I will not let anyone harm it.
It is a sanctuary,

Not just for me,
but a whole collage of creatures,
The forest will not fall.
Avery Nightshade
Written by
Avery Nightshade  16/Agender/Trapped in Reality
(16/Agender/Trapped in Reality)   
       Harriet Cleve, --- and Medusa
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