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Dec 2017
At night I have always wondered,
“What if the sun exploded at night?”
Would we miss it
when expecting morning’s clean sunshine?

Or is it a gift to the lovers
who own passionate squalor at two,

To see the explosion happen behind,
then reflected off the moon

The night tonight has been
as warm as summer’s light.
Condemns the older couple
lying on opposite sides
Love as hot as ever, yet colder than our future.
And blinded by the darkness
that eternity resides.

With pondering heart I wondered...
What if the sun exploded at night.
Would it be missed?
inside highways of clouds that released tears.

Would it be missed,
as lovers reached for a morning embrace
without sight?

In quiet of night the Moon spoke
in rhythms with the wind.
“worry not dear one,
for moon and sun have a marriage
made in heaven.
Our love covers one another
as if boats passing in the night.
my protective arms of rays reaches for Sun
and sun does for me the same.
So all is well
All is well."

With that heard I drifted asleep,
no worries felt.
Peaceful under rays of moons love.
inspired by Marshall Messi Love (a poem)
Star BG
Written by
Star BG  66/F/New York
(66/F/New York)   
         Mongi, Jayantee Khare, asia, Aqua Rose, Cné and 11 others
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