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Dec 2017
What now, lies within it?
A treasure, rose bud.
Shining bright, waiting quiet
He knows, he wants, he craves.

Where then, can he find it?
She holds the key, my dear.
Raven haired, longing eyes
She waits, she longs, she hopes.

How now, shall he go about it?
With subtlety, bright daisy.
Soft whispers, muttered name
A house, a place, a smile.

How then, shall he reach it?
By cleverness, sweet child.
Key turns, door opens
The light, the night, the moon.

How nigh, shall he find it?
Through stealth, gentle babe.
Soft step, floating shadow
A box, a lock, a snap.

How heard, shall he escape it?
No escape, darling mine.
She gasps, he turns
Their eyes, their fears, their hearts.

What then, he does not hurt her?
Souls meet,  Butterfly.
Her kiss, his lust
In love, in dark, in moaning.

Sweet romance! Do they know it?
Love triumphs, soft angel.
Passion burns, a lantern falls
Their fire, their ash, their death.

No! Why? Could they not fight it?
Don’t fight, sunshine
True love, to die there
So whole, so perfect, so destined.

But wait, what of the box?
Fear not, mine daughter.
Look inside, to find only
Their love.
Averella Gaelstrom
Written by
Averella Gaelstrom  F
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