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Dec 2017
I watch the vast expanse of space beneath me,
the beautiful earth, covered in green.

I stare upon the very skies,
filled with stars farther than what the eyes can define.

Secrets hidden,
truths amidst,
the vast forest,
apparent like mist.

I stare upon the endless ocean,
vaster than even the eyes can glimpse.
I stare upon the beauties of nature,
filled with creatures both young and free.

Yet all these things are but what I can see,
a fraction of nature's divine great beauty.
Beyond all words, and what I can think,
to describe its unmatched grandiosity.

Still, I try, even when I fail,
because nature is, something I behold,
to be powerful and free, beyond compare.
It makes me see how tiny I am.

A bare speck, or a semblance of dust,
completing thousands of minor tasks.
To keep myself going, as all creatures do,
in the vast history of what's about to ensue.

Nature's beauty, lying in thus,
is just like its cruelty, apparent in us.
Blending and molding, all actions in one,
into a future which all will become.

Corpses of maggots, dead bodies amidst,
a vast mountain of others, a skeletal heap.
All paving the path into the future of Earth,
who knows what Nature is about to unearth?

Beautiful and sad,
Cruel and kind.
What comes to be must eventually unwind.

Thus Nature stays true,
to its essenceless truth.
That all it is, is a perpetuating loop.
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