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Dec 2017
I’m from living my life through video games
Listening to music to drown the bellowing voice of my father
Sleeping through my life

I am from trees for climbing
Horses for riding
Dogs to love
The oak and maple trees in the front of
The house that I’ve grown up in

I am from twice baked potatoes and sweets my mother bakes
I’ve come from the hard workers of Iowa
People who hide their emotions at all costs to not show softness

The “keep to yourself” to “go socialize” and “make friends”
“watch your mouth” and “don’t be so loud”
“get off your computer” or “don't be on your phone”

Staying up every Sunday night for the new Rick and Morty episode
Watching any new cult Netflix shows
Waiting for season three of Stranger Things
Time between filled with Youtube

In my room Bob the traffic cone that has more of a story than me
a book filled with drawings
A dresser filled with books and memories
A computer full of video games
A part of me people don’t know

From the pizza and balloons on Valentine’s Day
The chocolate macaroons and puppy chow around Christmas
Turkey noodle soup after Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner
All the potatoes I can eat in a night when they are made.

Most importantly I come from San Diego, California and Illinois Born and raised Parents
Traveling with my mother and siblings
Having sand between my toes
Loving the life I live and every moment of it.
Written by
Belle Wickman
     Sam, Rick the shoe shine boy, A H Butler and ---
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