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Dec 2017
The sound of my voice will only be in your heart.. the twitter of my giggles will echo in your mind.. The spout of my breath will only be a I just faded if I do, just let me..

When I would be lying in peace.. the box will be my happy place, which was once your arms.. the darkness will be my solace, which was once your smile.. And it will be that day, when you give your hand out, and I won’t be around to hold, if I fade away, let me..

The night when you turn over and I won’t be by your side to warm you.. All those times when you held my hand and crossed roads will be too distant.. it will all seem like yesterday.. The dances in the rain. The smiles in the pain. The long walks, the dinner talks… or the calls through the night.. those silly puns and the grimy jokes.. will all stop like I did.. Uncalled for, but there will be a time when I’ll fade away..let me..

The desire of holding me tight for one last time, will seem like a dream that wouldn’t work out. But don’t you cry, for I won’t be there to collect those precious tears.. Don’t lose hope, for I won’t be around to boost you up. Don’t miss me at places and moments, for I won’t be able to be there for you, with you.Just keep me in your mind, with a warm smile..may be then, my care will pay off.. my love will mean if I fade away, please let me..

When you look back, I would be glad to see the way you miss me, but please stop looking, for I won’t get to be by your side.. for my happy place is the darkness the that coffin now, and I will have the desire for sunshine and smile in yours.. I will be there as a twinkle in the sky, looking over you.. but if I fade away, just let me..
Malvika N Hasrajani
Written by
Malvika N Hasrajani  24/F/India
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