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Dec 2017
What I want has always been abstract
No straight lines all of them blurry
Erased, even
What I want has always been something I wasn’t sure of
Something I desperately wanted but couldn’t get a hold of but everything is different now
I hear your voice
And I see your face
And all I want is to follow the line that leads directly to you
The one that takes me to your sweet lips, your beautiful skin,
I’ve never been so sure
The line to you is chopped in half
A big blue knife that refuses to pull back
Green and yellow and brown and rust
Everything in between us
The line is confused
It cant find its way
But one day
I will grab a pen
And draw the line myself
I will get where I belong and thats with you
I hope you grab your pen too
Connect our lines
So I can connect our lips
So I can feel your skin underneath my fingertips
So I can finally show you how much I love you
Because the words, they are reliable but they just won’t do
They aren’t enough
They fall short where my hands would not
They lose touch where my lips would kiss
Theres nothing I want more
Theres nothing I wouldn’t do
Just to be with you
The line to you has gaps but it is clear
Thick black line in permanent ink
And I love you
The gaps will disappear
I love you I love I love you
Im so in love? Wow.
Written by
mint  18/F/cali
   stéphane noir
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