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Dec 2017
Is drowning me
My thoughts run ten rivers
before I speak
And even then
my voice sounds bleak

After each sentence
immediate remorse
I shouldn't have said that,
not like that, ofcourse

My palms feel sweaty
My heart beats loud
Im probably too quiet,
too modest,
too proud

I think all your thoughts for you, the ones about me,
Theyre always mean phrases

I need to flee

I wont look you in the eye
Not for too long anyway
My soul is something private
Shallow depths i
cannot give away

I dont like you.
Because youre a human.

I dont like me.
Because im me.

I am never free

To be human too,
The same as you
To just be able to breathe
Thats all i need..

But The iron shackles
keep mocking me
I am chained to
Social Anxiety
Yolandé Sharpley
Written by
Yolandé Sharpley  20/F
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