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Dec 2017
I left
Drove 1,000 miles
Spent the night in the U-Haul
But I wish it were you I was hauling with me.
All the way down south
I'm regretting this right about now
But i think its better for us
To be apart and figure things out.

You were my missing puzzle piece
I was scared we were so easily falling together
Falling forever
I hope I'm not forever in this limbo,
forever unsure.
I want to be with you tonight
I want to be in your arms,
Want you to tell me I'm pretty,
Tell you miss me,
Tell me you love me, I'm lovely

A thousand miles apart,
and i'm singing this song.
Singing my heart out for you
It's unhealthy to say the least,
How can i hope,
to get over it like this
I have to change
I have to move on.
I cant stick around for much longer,
I wont stick around for much longer.
I'm dying on the inside

You were my missing puzzle piece
I was scared we were so easily, falling together
Falling forever.
Now that I left, I'm missing you
and it just hurts we're still falling together,
we're still falling forever.
Forever in this limbo, forever unsure
Undefined and impossible now,

What a great idea it was
to be apart to figure **** out.
this just doesnt feel like home
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