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Dec 2017
Her King

Her father

He, a God in his own right.


An emissary for peace

He; loved by all, and had no counter-part

He was her father

And she his princess.


Long after still these memories stirred

She being carried on his shoulders

Shortly so, and rightly so

So was love, and love thereafter

She his princess and none thereafter.


This woman with no master

Had her father's will

She was bound by spirit strength

Bound by indomitable will.


And so the king lived,

Carried his princess upon his shoulders

And soon thereafter- her time to lead

Was still carried upon his shoulders.


And she thereafter had sons, in this- this studious manner

And so there was peace in this land, and all they touched thereafter.
A daughters love for father

FINV "Her King." v3 (11/13/17-11/21/17) - by Evi D. Halo
Written by
Evi Dent Halo
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