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Dec 2017
He have taken already the attention of his beloved woman; until their fellowship lasted.
The woman was very happy to tell him that she was pregnant but then he thought about what he have done to her; so he admitted.

The woman was surprised when he told the truth; and he begged the woman that she shouldn't leave.
He told the woman something that he wouldn't know what would happen; and the woman said "I couldn't believe".

The woman gave birth and they were both happy; until he was forgiven.
However, he showed his love to the woman; and that's what God's given.

They're completely happy with their child; but in just so sudden, he got an heart attack and couldn't move. Based of his action.
His early loss was unexpected; now, they're crying. That's how their reaction.
So yeah, this is the part 2. He died, because of the cruse.
Emotional Heartless
Written by
Emotional Heartless  M
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