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Nov 2017
That's all it is,
They say there's no gain if there's no pain
But why does this pain seem to go in vain, because I feel no gain  
See no gain
And it's driving me insane.
Feel like I'm stuck in a fast lane but going no where
They say they've been there
Then tell me why they don't understand my fear
So I tell them don't come near
Cause Its clear
They don't understand this scare
All they do is pat me on the back and say " Dear, Dear Dear"
They don't understand, see,
It's inside of me
An inner demon that's controlling me freely,
They try to help, oui!
But they don't understand that this inner demon is me,
"There's no gain without pain"
Man those words are clichΓ©d
I feel the pain without seeing the gain
But that's okay;
Don't mind me I'll be over there in my corner not conversing
Like what I'm doing now,
Just contemplating.

                                                                                          Jonesy 2017 Β©
First time doing a spoken word
Written by
Jonesy  20/F/Ealing Park, Barbados
(20/F/Ealing Park, Barbados)   
       Mack, ---, deprivedkat and Jonesy
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