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Nov 2017
"Dear God,
Why am I alive?
And why is it that I hate myself so,
So, much?
And my mom,
Does she even love me?"

Poor little girl,
Stuck trying to figure out,
An answer she'll never get.

Little girl,
With so much attitude,
But she hates it.
"I can't get rid of my attitude,
No matter how hard I try."

The tough girl,
With so much pride,
Can cry more tears than a baby would,
For a whole year,
She could cry more in a minute.

Silently screaming, crying, laughing,
At how pitiful she is.

How her every thought was,
"Why am I here?
What would life be like, if I was never born?"
And in every thought,
Tears would come gushing out,
Along with the sharp pain she felt, deep in her heart.

The little girl with daddy issues, and very unstable bond with her mom, she waits silently for her rose red beating heart to come
To a full complete stop .
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