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Nov 2017
Change is a funny thing,
We use to stay up at 4am on the phone talking non stop,
We'd tell eachother everything
We even loved the same songs
We use to be unstoppable
You were my other half, my sister my world
When I was down you were always there for me in the good and bad, but something in you changed you acted differently,
Never replied to my messages or my calls,
Then one day you called me saying your sorry we talked for hours and hours we shared laughs and tears, then we ended that one call,
You were all over the place we both said things we didn't mean but you took it too far, one month a few months turned into a year we use to stay up and chat, we use to talk everyday and night we would talk about everything now, change did us both good we went our separate ways
Written by
Typewriter1  18/F
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