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Nov 2017
It's more than a thirsty child
with a hollow stomach covered in mud
and the death rattle of distant war
in a country you've never been to

It's also the single mother
with the official-looking papers
and dollar signs
spread out on the kitchen table
the ink has blurred here where her tears
landed but she controls her sobs
and tells her illicit baby
It's going to be okay

It's also the minority minor
who kicks rocks in the streets with
his friends but all of them
are hiding a gun or a knife
learning to **** to save a life
but the only thing that makes him happy
is singing along in Latin
to the stolen car radio

It's also the foreign father
working his knuckles bare in conditions
certainly not worth his meager salary
so he turns to the bottle
and his family moves out
because nobody can pay the
hospital and legal bills
to be cited by politicians as a parasite

It's also the old man
and his only companion is a dog
and maybe he's another mouth to feed
but when wandering the streets
it's best to never be alone
and when the wild beast dies
he'll curl up by its now peaceful body
and cry himself to death

It's also the determined son
who gets up at the crack of dawn
to repair cars because it's his only skill
and trigonometry is too far fetched
so he dropped out of school
but he pays for his mother's ******
because it's cheaper than paying
for treatment for her addiction

It's also the young maid
who sings haunting songs of her people
that always end in sobs
because everyday his hands
move a little bit higher up on her thigh
but she has to keep this job
so she can afford the milk
which costs half a day's salary

It's also her wayward brother
who has a friend die every other day
and himself addicted to methamphetamine
and the government-funded shrink
makes him feel even worse
so after his best friend commits suicide
he decides he can't live another day

It's also the preacher's boy
who lives on a farm and does
man's work like what his father
tells him the good book says
and it also commands him
to beat his wife and son
so when he grows up he's gonna
learn how to read and be just like him

It's also the fairy girl
who's accepted that she's deep in debt
and now she's educated like a scholar
but her parents disowned her
for liking *** with ladies
so she's made some poor choices
and can't escape because she's trapped
and now doesn't have anywhere to go

It's also the finance coworker
with a nice company car
but has one daughter with autism
and another with scoliosis
and his wife has cancer
so between the medical fees
he can barely afford bananas

It's in every society
and even your own country
and no amount of empathy
can save everyone
Written by
Xallan  111/Other/Hellas Planitia
(111/Other/Hellas Planitia)   
         Olivia, Mydriasis Aletheia, NB, winter sakuras, Sam and 34 others
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