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Nov 2017
In my solitude I always feel this emptiness inside my soul. I prowl in search for something; I’m acting like a foolish ghoul. But what is it that I’m really searching for? Probably it is something that will satisfy my soul. But how can I fill my bowl? Many nights and sunrise have passed still I couldn’t find that thing that will heal the loneliness that is concealed inside my soul.

A song is not a song without its lyrics and a poem is not a poem without its verse. If my life is a song or poem what would be my lyrics or my verse? The melody in my heart is not enough and there is no free verse in the stanzas of my soul. Love, romance, passion these are the reasons why some people are happy and some are not. Have I love well? Don’t know about it, what is true love after all? Is it just a feeling that titillates the heart or an act of ****** stunt on top of the bed? I really don’t know, I cannot say nor define what love really is. For I have not love well in my life. What a pity, my heart is poor, poor in love. I had *** but no love ….. ****!

Did I care? Don’t remember if I did, maybe or maybe not. Lots of people cared for me sorry don’t know how to do it. Didn’t give a **** about others, I am a worthless opportunist and a mean *******. Still I ask why my life is miserable and heavy. Did I give my best? No, because I always go inside my comfort zone. When the going gets tough I always give up.

So am I expecting miracles to happen? But there’s no miracle honey. This is my lot; this is what I get for wasting my life. What I am searching for? I’m searching those things that I’ve nothing because I’m nothing, a good for nothing living a wasted life.
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