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Nov 2017
Hello Poetry is a poet's sanctuary
where we can kick off our shoes
slovenly slouch in lounge pants
or nothing if that's your thing
or sing while you muse to music
or sit in silence stroking your chin
like a suburban Shakespeare
of century number twenty one

Less friendly formal places
we may have previously frequented
with elitist farty upstarts cluttering
our thought space with condescension
and telling us we're doing it wrong
as if they invented our genre of choice
with rigidity and rules and other turdage
oh what buffoonish balderdash!

Our inner thoughts and dreams
can be spilled forth without worry
or risk of arrest by the poetry police
we can be poets anonymous
we can come and go as we please
we can bond and virtually hug
we can freely express ourselves
we can be who we want to be
With love to the HP massive!
Chris Neilson
Written by
Chris Neilson  M/Manchester, England
(M/Manchester, England)   
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