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Nov 2017
This boy who was abused by his mother and father.

The girl who was his safe place.

His mother hitting him and his father a drunk.

The girl took all his worries away and kissed his bruises away.

He runs away from home and his mother doesn't come after.

But the father follows him and pleads him to come home.

He does. He gets beat. He locks himself in his room.

Pounding on the door from his mother telling him she hates him.

He takes his phone and texts her.

“Help me. please”

“Be there in 5 come out the window I'll be a street away”

He never shows.

She goes to his house she sees cops and the ambulance.

She parks her car and runs to his father.

His father told her what happen.

His mother killed him.

The girl falls to floor the dad wraps his arms around her telling her

“I’m sorry I couldn't help him like you did. I was scared of her. I was so scared to step in. That's why I started drinking and was always drunk”

“I miss him he was my world and my best friend”

“I know, and I wish I could go back and help him”

The girl goes home to her abusive dad and scared mother.

Going through this alone this time.

All this violent activity all by herself.

-Gillian Askeland
Gillian Askeland
Written by
Gillian Askeland  17/F/Everywhere
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