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Nov 2017
When I couldn’t find my own love
there’s many said to me
go find yourself a master
who will see to all your needs.
I did not true believe them
it seemed so contra’ry,
that suffering and *******
would so set me free.

I fought and riled against it,
that was not to be the way
that I should be subjected
to mindless ***** play.
Then one day I met him
the one who was to be;
he was so softly spoken
in no way masterly.

But then he looked so very deep
as slow his hand found mine,
and then as if in knowing me
my fears just fell away.
I felt a need to surrender self
without being ordered to,
o'erwhelmed with such desire
to know of ******* new.

Somehow it seemed so natural
to offer him my hands,
that they could be so bound
to give all of self to him.
As knots closed tight upon me
it was as I’d been told,
a sudden surge of freedom
that I thought could never be.

And now he is my master
he owns me totally
and never have I been happier
when he takes his whip to me.
Or ties me when I need it
and sometimes when I don’t,
as long as I can have the bonds
that hold me in ecstasy.
From the Francesca Anderssen collection
Of 101 **** Poems, The poetry and beauty of ******* , (kindle and paperback editions)
Written by
Francesca Anderssen
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