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Nov 2017
The Moonlit Aethers bleed Titanium Rays
As mine Forlorn Eyes
Saunter thine Porcelain Skin:

Platinum Matriarch upon Swarthy Expanse reigns
Azure Luminaries cascade
Upon The Forested Glades of my Airy Soulwaves.
Ensorcelled is that Sylvan Shrine,
The Reliquary of the Starry Wish.

(O, that
           Loveless Blight
                                  might cease)

I Besought the Firmaments
From Dusk to Dawn
Lamenting in Dirge
Of the
Revenant Skies;
Eons transcended yet no hand to hold
The Benediction of Romance
An Ephemeral Throne.

The Pandemonium corporealizes
Wraiths in my mind;
(Perdition is Thew
         Poltergeist's Might)
Ivory Visage of the Impearled
Hallows my Spirit
Quells the Abyss.

The Thew of Deities
Purged from my veins
Quaking my quintessence,
I fathomed
I was naught.
A mere figment,
An existential vagary:

We are
But a
Clinging yearningly
to the
Promise of Hope
(The Covenant of Ensouled Dust)
Groping for Eternity, Memory, and the Lightwaves
To be
Vested in our pulse;

For Corporeality;
To the Chrysalis of The Astral,
The Cradle of Cosmogenesis:
Our Cosmos,
Our  Zephyr,
Our Magma,
Our Torrent,
Our Tremor,
Our Thunderclap,
Our Time,
Our Space,
Our Nexus to Efflorescence,
Our Incorporeal Sublimity~

I shall surrender to
Providence of the Supernal
His Empyrean Wings
(An Impregnable Aegis)
A Strewn Vestige once was I
But the Somnolent Beloved was roused
Whence I glimpsed into thine eyes.

The Vagrant Loveless is resurrected
Reawakened as a Doughty Knight
Warring against sequestration
(Until by Nirvana)
Abeyance devours this blight.

       You starry-eyed wayfarers,
                Surrender sovereignty to credence
             When Star-crossed
                   Conspire against the Fates
                          For when Elysium
                                    Is your Beloved
                       The Ancient of Yore
                                Shall lead you nebulous streams
                              To the Holy Oracle
                                      Prophesying the fulfillment
                                               Of your Intemerate Hope

                                (For Love, myriads doven the skies)
                   ­               Please Believe,
                                                  Believe in me.~
A year old poem I decided to post despite my ambivalence. It pertains to my dream of finding sacrosanct romance; moreover, tis' a romance ensorcelled beneath the diaphanous firmaments. By means of this dreams fulfillment the piety of mine heart shall be made resplendent by the Estival Sol(metaphor for The Divine).
This was more of a free-write than a structured, premeditated poem. You will find symbols and metaphors that I am just now learning the significance of in the context of my life (no, this isn't just a bunch of nonsensical buffoonery in the form of poetry). Being free-associative is creatively emancipatory, you should all attempt it at one point. It is my hope that this piece emboldens you to envisage the dreams that others deem as taboo (and even quixotic or hopelessly ideal). Be well all, be luminaries, be visionaries!

-God Bless <3
Sanders Maurice Foulke III
Written by
Sanders Maurice Foulke III  28/M/Long Island, New York
(28/M/Long Island, New York)   
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