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Nov 2017
When I was a kid I used to skid, though I look like a toad I always stood.

I walked alone in the street every day, treading the same way.

Walking alone is fun especially when you are moving like a nun.

I don't need to rush because it will only smash the fun of strolling.

I was constantly thinking of the tomorrow that will come.

I'm asking myself whether it's going to be stormy or calm.

But whatever it is I know that it will come.

This is how I walked alone while my heart is filled with fun.

When I grew up I still walked alone but now it is not for fun.

For I was always in a hurry and couldn't be merry,

I need to catch my appointments in time. Study and work forced me to rush.

This is now how I walked alone.

Like the sold vintage item the time will come that I'll get old.

Can I still walk alone when that time arrives? Well, I cannot tell. In fact nobody can foretell.

Walking is fun especially when you do it alone.

When I get old I want to reminisce the past while walking alone.

Because I know that this is fun.
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