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Aug 2012
"Friends don't make love." You once told me.
Then what, pray tell, in Hell are we?

One day you're mine, the next you're not.
Have you changed your mind or just forgot?

"I love you!" You promise, though I don't believe
Because you utter the words I cannot speak.

Funny, huh? How you love me more,
Only when my clothes are strewn on the floor

Shallow *******. Worthless crook.
Am I not worth a second look?

Three years we've been in this same place.
And you can barely look me in the face.

I am not yours, we tried that once.
And ended up miserable for many months

Look, you truly are my friend,
And I'll be there for you through the end.

But, for ****'s sake! Make up your mind!
We're not moving forward and now you're behind.

So here's the thing, this is my deal.
I'm done listening to "How you really feel."

Grow up, go away, and and leave me alone.
We're done, *******, now please, go home.
Lexiconical Quinn
Written by
Lexiconical Quinn  Fort Collins
(Fort Collins)   
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